Cristiano Ronaldo’s Date With British Model Wasn’t as Exciting as You’d Imagine

Back when Cristiano Ronaldo was the darling of Manchester, the Portuguese superstar was unsurprisingly a big hit with the ladies.

In fact, throughout his career, the Real Madrid dynamo has been known to attract some of the hottest women in the world. 

From Irina Shayk to Maria Sharapova (reportedly, anyway), the skilful attacker has never been one to shy away from the most beautiful models and sportswomen across the globe.


You’d think a man like Cristiano, with his devilish good looks, ripped body and undoubted charm would be the ideal date, wouldn’t you? 

You’d picture Michelin star restaurants, luxury yachts or pretty much anything a human being could desire. 

But one British model has broken her silence on the former Manchester United winger, suggesting it’s not all lobsters and champagne with Ronaldo. 

Gemma Atkinson, a former Hollyoaks babe who now stars on British soap Emmerdale, was once the hottest thing in the UK, appearing on countless TV shows and more than her fair share of ‘lads mags’.

Pre-event photo call for Sky Ride Manchester

Back in 2007 when the pair were both living in the North East, they shared a well documented date or two, but Atkinson, speaking to radio station Key 103 said it wasn’t all glamour. 

“We went to my house and drank cups of tea and watched Only Fools and Horses. Genuinely. I don’t know if he’s into it now but he seemed to enjoy it.”

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