It’s lucky I don’t mind an ice bath because I’ve been having one before bed every night just to make sure I’m fit and ready for Wimbledon.

There have been a few changes to my routine since my hip started feeling sore last week but thankfully they seem to have done the trick.

My team have given me a few different exercises to do during the day when we’re together, and also at home in the evening.

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It’s probably about 20 minutes of extra stuff, so 8-10 minutes in the ice bath and 8-10 minutes of exercises just to strengthen the hip.

That means two freezing cold dips a day – one at Wimbledon and one in my ice bath at home before bed.

It might not be everyone’s ideal preparation for a good night’s sleep, but fortunately I’ve got used to plunging myself into ice-cold water over the years and I don’t mind it, I’m OK.

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