Cristiano Ronaldo says “he want’s his son to be a footballer just like his dad”

Real Madrid star footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has said that he wishes his son becomes a professional top footballer just like himself, but said he wouldn’t force his son to take up football as a career.

Ronaldo frequently uploads pictures of himself and his son in the gym or playing football and says his son’s athletic characteristics and love for football at 5 years of age is a sign his son might go into the football world.

“I want my son to be a player. I am a footballer and I want him to be one too,” the Real Madrid star told the Chinese channel Zhejiang Satellite TV, which has been filming Ronaldo as part of a reality show based around the player.

I think he has something of an athlete about him, he has athletic characteristics. Obviously he is very young, a baby, he’s only five but he loves football, that is a big plus.

I have 30 balls at home, he is always with the ball and he loves it. But I will not force him to be a player because it comes naturally, it has to be his choice,

He will be whatever he wants to be, I am not going to push him at all. But obviously I want Cristiano to be a player. A top one, like his dad.” He said

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