Barcelona v Bayern Munich. Two of the biggest clubs in the world head to head in the Catalan capital in an important early season meeting, broadcast on live television in every continent.


The hosts take an early lead and, although Bayern rally after the break, another powerful surge from Barca – with summer signing Jaka Blazic to the fore – allows them to seal the victory, sending their fans home happy.

What’s going on here? Have you missed something? Why didn’t you hear anything about this game until now? And who is Jaka Blazic?

This is not a work of fiction. It was a real game, played on 18 October.

The venue? Palau Blaugrana, the indoor arena next to FC Barcelona’s Nou Camp. The occasion? Barca’s first home game of the new season in EuroLeague, the continent’s top basketball competition.

You might now be wondering why a basketball game is introducing an article about football, but it is fundamental in understanding why elite clubs have seriously considered breaking away from Uefa to set up a European Super League.

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