David Silva who will be 33 in January, believes he has been given a new lease of life under Guardiola.

He has started three of City’s four games so far this season, scoring a brilliant free-kick in the 6-1 win against Huddersfield on 19 August.

“Pep Guardiola sees things before they happen and that’s an advantage – a massive plus,” Silva said.


“It’s like he explains it to you and you grasp it straight away. Something that I’d never seen before. And this goes for all areas: from the keeper through to the striker. In the past, some of my trainers had focused more on attack, others more on defence – but he covers the whole pitch.

I think I’ve learned to be more patient on the pitch; I used to move around a lot and wanted to be all over the place. He’s taught me to stick to a more determined zone and wait for the ball to get to me to give us the upper hand. So, yes, I’ve improved in that sense.

“He’s a footballing genius.”

David Silva however says joining Manchester City eight years ago was “one of the best decisions” of his life, despite interest from Barcelona and Real Madrid at the time.

The Spain midfielder, then 24, was signed from Valencia in July 2010.

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