PSG are desperate to put an end to the internal crisis involving Neymar and his desire to abandon the club this summer. Their latest plan is to offer the Brazilian an exit – but in 12 months time. Leonardo has already spoken to the player’s entoruage and will now fly out to China in order to personally discuss this option with Neymar. PSG feel this would be the best solution for everyone as it appears difficult to reach an agreement with Barça – or any club – next month.

They’ve known about Neymar’s wish to leave for two months now. Leonardo knows that for PSG to receive the money they are asking for, it’ll need to wait until next summer. This is why they are proposing to let Neymar leave next summer, for a more respectful sum, if he spends another year at the club.

The biggest issue with this idea is that Neymar is set on leaving the club. He feels his time at PSG has come to an end and wants a solution this summer. It isn’t a decision he’s taken slightly and is one he spoke about at length with his closest friends and family. Neymar wants to rejoin Barça and will refuse to listen to any other offers.

Neymar believes this proposal of a 12-month delay has come far too late. Neymar’s desire to leave isn’t a secret and this has caused the supporters to turn against him. Thomas Tuchel admitted that Neymar told him – and his teammates – that he wanted to leave at the end of last season. It would take some complicated and uncomfortable making up to smooth over the current situation.