Zlatan Ibrahimovic responds to Eric Cantona’s claim he’s the King of Manchester

Eric Cantona: I’m the King of Manchester


A short while ago, Manchester United legend Eric Cantona starred in a new video for Eurosport in which he discussed the arrival of Zlatan Ibrahimovic at Old Trafford.

In many ways, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is the closest thing to Eric Cantona Manchester United have seen since the Frenchman’s shock retirement in 1997.

Cantona told Zlatan that it is “he best choice you ever made… You will know, my friend, that you finally made it home.”

But, whilst Cantona’s message will likely be received well by Manchester United fans, Zlatan may not take too kindly.Since Cantona says: “there can only be one King in Manchester. You can be the Prince if you want to.”


Zlatan Ibrahimovic responds to Cantona

Swedish paper Aftonbladet have today reported on Zlatan’s response to Cantona’s assertion. In a classic Ibra line, he’s said:

I admire Cantona. And I heard what he said. But I won’t be King of Manchester. I will be God of Manchester.

The Swedish striker is expected to start training with his new club this week.

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