Malawi’s world boxing champion Isaac Chilemba says President Peter Mutharika would not last a 12-round fight with him, the country’s private Nation newspaper reports.

The president challenged the pugilist to a fight during a press conference whilst addressing rumours about his health last Friday:


Each round in professional boxing lasts about three minutes.

But the Nation quotes Chilemba as saying that he wouldn’t allow the 76-year-old president to last even three rounds:

I will spare him such agony by knocking him out in under 10 seconds. Otherwise, I would have reduced his nine lives to zero.”

The boxer says this would be in consideration of the president’s busy timetable, arguing he wouldn’t have the time to last 36 minutes:

Of course it was some light-hearted stuff, but it still meant a lot to me. It shows he appreciates my talent.”
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